Note from the Publisher – January 2015

Its going to be a busy 2015 for Siber Ink with a number of new titles coming out, along with revised editions of some of our bestsellers.

We ended 2014 off with the release of the second edition of our labour law textbook Labour Law Rules! In the past two years, since publication of the first edition, some significant events took place which impacted on labour law, resulting in a number of changes proposed to reform labour law.

The new edition of Labour Law Rules! lays a sound and up to date foundation of basic labour law rules – good luck to all UNISA students who have registered for these courses! Click here for further information.

The Practitioners’ Guide to Medical Malpractice in South African Law by Ian Dutton will be published in April 2015. This timely publication, unique in its scope, is a must-have for both medical and legal practitioners. The book sets out the fundamental principles governing the law of medical malpractice in clear and understandable terms, so that those principles can be applied in daily practice.

Ian Dutton has practised both as an attorney and as an advocate for over twenty years. He has had a career-long professional interest and expertise in medical law and has been involved in a number of reported and groundbreaking South African medical law cases.

Also coming in the first half of 2015 is the fourth edition of Corporate Governance by Tom Wixley and Geoff Everingham. Long established as the leading South African work on the subject, the fourth edition will be extensively amended and updated.

And later in the year, we’ll also be releasing a revised and updated edition of The Company Director’s Handbook, more on that in our next Publisher’s note.

A new year also sees a new round of annual subscriptions for our Sibergrammes and our journal Business Tax & Company Law Quarterly (BTCLQ).

Our Sibergrammes are edited by experts in their fields and keep you up to date with the latest developments in South African law, delivered straight to your desk. To read more about our Sibergrammes click here.

BTCLQ provides invaluable, practical and highly accessible current opinions on relevant and topical issues pertaining to tax in the business environment and to company law, particularly as it impacts the conduct of business in South Africa.

Written and edited by three of the leading consultants in this field, Milton Seligson, Des Kruger and Michael Rudnicki, each issue holds some of the best and most up-to-date tax advice on offer in South Africa. An annual subscription for BTCLQ is R1500.00 including VAT and postage. To find out more click here.

There’ll be plenty more on our 2015 titles in the next Publisher’s Note so please visit again soon!

Simon Sephton
January 2015



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