Note from the Publisher – August 2013

It’s been a busy few months here at Siber Ink as we reach the middle of 2013.  The past six months have flown by and the upcoming months look to do the same as we release two major new titles in August.

The first of these is The Drafting of Wills by Ceris Field. Ceris has for the last fifteen years specialised in the administration of deceased estates and in the drafting of wills and trusts. She is also a part-time lecturer for LSSA LEAD.  Using her notes from her lectures and seminars on the drafting of wills and trusts, Ceris has compiled a practical guide which covers all the processes, considerations and technicalities involved in correct and sound drafting of wills. It is essential reading for all professionals involved in the drafting of wills and in the administration of deceased estates . The book deals with the latest developments in the law and recent judgments pertaining to Wills to ensure our readers are up to date with latest testamentary practice.

The second title we’ll be publishing in August is Elizabeth de Stadler’s Consumer Law Unlocked. Following the typical structure of a consumer’s transaction – from advertising and marketing through to post-purchase complaints – this book guides readers through a comprehensive overview of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and is essential reading for both professionals who need to comply to the regulations of the CPA and for consumers, to ensure they know their rights.

We are delighted at how much our readers are enjoying Bar, Bench & Bullshifters by Gerald Friedman & Jeremy Gauntlett. So much so, that our distributors have run out of stock. But fear not, a reprint is on its way and copies will be available for purchase again soon.

The praise has been rolling in for this title. Professor Jonathan Burchell at the University of Cape Town had this to say about Bar, Bench & Bullshifters

“I’ve been chortling all weekend over Bar, Bench and Bullshifters! It’s a superbly entertaining, well-presented collection of anecdotes, biographies and snippets about the Cape legal legends. Well done on a really fine publication which I’ll be sure to recommend to my judicial friends, advocates and students, past and present. I’m sure I can even weave some of the stories into my lectures. The book is a must as a gift. I’m proud to be associated with this little gem.” 

As are we!

We look forward to sharing news of upcoming titles in the next few months, please do check out our Facebook page for regular updates on happenings at Siber Ink along with news on all our publications and general interest in local politics and law.

Simon Sephton
August 2013


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