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PLJ 2013(1) Cover frontSiber Ink Publishers and Ndifuna Ukwazi are proud to announce the arrival of the first issue of PLJ: The People’s Law Journal, a popular journal aimed at providing access to information related to law, legal and constitutional history, and human rights.

The aim of The People’s Law Journal is to open up the world of law and human rights to everyone, while still delivering excellent in-depth articles that anyone practising law in South Africa would find of interest.

Editor Jacques Van Heerden says, “The idea is a plain language English law journal that covers social justice and human rights. We want to demystify the language used by the courts. We also want to demystify the history of our laws and show why we need human rights.”

The People’s Law Journal is an essential journal for any Law Library to have and would also make an ideal reception area read.  This first edition includes contributions from retired Constitutional Court Judge Zak Yacoob, Zackie Achmat, Max Taylor and Zenande Booi.

The first edition of The People’s Law Journal is available for purchase for R75.00 per copy (excluding postage fee). Should you wish to order please email by clicking here or purchase online by clicking here. PLJ is also available as an ebook.

From 2014 The People’s Law Journal will be published biannually and will be available as a subscription.

CONTENTS: Vol 1, Issue 1

Foreward • ​Zak Yacoob

Introduction • ​Zackie Achmat

Transforming the Judiciary: Who should judges be? • ​Gregory Solik

Free Speech and Communism in Colonial South Africa: Rex v Roux and Ngedlane (1936) • ​Zackie Achmat

Train Apartheid in Cape Town: Rex v Abdurahman (1950) • ​Max Taylor

BJ Vorster’s War against White Students: NUSAS and the 1956 Riotous Assemblies Act • Bruce Baigrie & Zackie Achmat

History of South African Law: Development from 1652 to the present (excluding customary law) • Gregory Solik (TEXT) & Roger Landman (GRAPHICS)

A Permanent Space for Justice: Rikhotso v East Rand Administrator Board (1983) • ​Wandisa Phama & Lisa Draga

Decriminalising Sodomy: NCGLE v Minister of Justice (1998) • Daniel Hofmeyr

Class Action Litigation: An avenue to justice • Daniel Linde

Amayeza eNziwe aFana nawoMenzi wokuQala, amaLungelo awoDwa abeNzi mveliso ne-HIV eKenya: U-Ochieng and Others v iGqwetha Jikelele (the Attorney General) (2012) • Zenande Booi

Generics, Patents, and HIV in Kenya: Ochieng and Others v the Attorney General (2012) •  Zenande Booi



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