NEW TITLE: International Economic Law and African Development

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International Economic Law and African Development

Edited by Laurence Boulle, Emmanuel T Laryea & Franziska Sucker

International Economic Law & African DevelopmentInternational Economic Law and African Development discusses international perspectives on African law and economic development in the light of broader globalisation imperatives. It is the third in what can loosely be described as a series on Africa and gobalisation by the Mandela Institute, the first two being Laurence Boulle (ed) Globalisation and Governance and Emmanuel T Laryea, Nokuhle Madolo and Franziska Sucker (eds) International Economic Law – Voices of Africa.

The conversation on law and African economies continues in this book, in the light of Africa’s increasingly sophisticated participation in all facets of the contemporary world. It offers a collection of essays from Africans, whether living on the continent or abroad, complemented by the writings of empathetic non-Africans writing from an African perspective. They are metaphorically rooted in African soil not only in terms of subject-matter but also in terms of the perspectives they provide. African contributions to the debates on global themes may presage greater African engagement in the global political economy in the future.

The Mandela Institute is a centre within the School of Law at the University of the Witwatersrand and undertakes teaching, research and capacity development in different areas with particular reference to international trade, investment law and global finance.

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Other Titles in the Series (Special Price offered)

Globalisation Governance webGlobalisation and Governance edited by Laurence Boulle

ISBN: 978-1-920025-39-7

Price: R99.00 (usually retails for R450.00)

As countries come to terms with the global financial crisis their citizens become more assertive in many parts of the world. Challenges to conventional wisdom on economic governance are accompanied by the popular rejection of archaic systems of state government. At the global level new economic and political forces challenge former patterns of international domination. In these contexts appropriate governance is the imperative of the age. Economic globalisation in particular requires reassessments of state and corporate governance, as well as reconsideration of how the international political economy is governed – or not governed. This book examines these themes from different disciplinary perspectives, in different national and institutional settings, and in terms of high theory and practical service delivery. It is topical and insightful and provokes thought on the governance challenges ahead. To purchase online click here

International Economic LawInternational Economic Law: Voices of Africa edited by Emmanuel T Laryea, Nokuhle Madolo & Franziska Sucker

ISBN:  978-1-920025-53-3

Price: R99.00 (usually retails for R398.00)

To take Africa from the edge to the centre of the global economy, it is important to engage African voices in policy discussions on the global political economy. The nature and content of international economic law, and its understanding and use by stakeholders on and for the continent, are critical to harnessing the available resources for sustained growth and development of the continent’s economies.The papers published in International Economic LawVoices of Africa were presented at the first African International Economic Law (AfIELN) Network Conference hosted by the Mandela Institute at the University of Witwatersrand. To purchase online click here

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