New Powers for the CCMA

Following the crippling strikes that hit the mining sector in South Africa in 2014, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) has been given the power to intervene in strikes, as reported by Moneyweb.

The new powers, which come into affect on 01 April 2015, allow the CCMA to now intervene in strikes without the consent of affected parties. The CCMA has also been given a  significant budget boost from the Department of Labour and the Treasury to ensure they are able to implement the new amendments.

“We were often criticised as the CCMA for not stepping in time, the problem was that the law hamstringed us as far as stepping in,”

says Nerine Kahn, head of the CCMA, who has welcomed the new powers, which will hopefully put an end to the protracted strikes that took place last year.

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