Consumer Protection Law protects against accidental breakages

We’ve all seen the signs You Break It, You Buy It and walked nervously around the store where its displayed, hoping not to knock anything over. But did you know that the Consumer Protection Act removes the responsibility for damage from consumers?

As Megan Power reports in the Sunday Times

…consumers are not obliged to pay for any damage unless the damage is the result of malicious behaviour, recklessness or gross negligence.

Megan received an email from a distraught customer who had accidentally knocked over a bottle of expensive whiskey, and was then threatened by the shop that they would call the police and he would not be allowed to leave the premises until paying for the broken item. Understandably, he paid over the money. Megan jumped on the case when she heard about it and was in touch with the retailer’s head office, who agreed that they customer should never have been charged, as it quite obviously was an accident.

Read the full story at the Rand Daily Mail by clicking here

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