Alleged amputation without consent – NHA disregarded

A woman who had her leg amputated without her consent at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in 2012 is still waiting for the National Department of Health to respond to her complaint.

The patient claims neither she, nor her family, were informed of the surgery and no consent forms were signed in direct contravention of the National Health Act, which states no health service may be provided to a patient without informed consent.

The Gauteng Department of Health says they are looking into the matter .

Read the full story on The South African Health News Service 

Attorney for SECTION27, Sasha Stevenson is quoted by health-e saying 

Informed consent would be required at the stage of operation, meaning that the hospital would have need to make sure that they have consent before operating unless any of the exceptions in the National Health Act were present.

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